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As the marketplace continues to become more competitive and demanding in today’s business environment, Multi Creation is prepared to take the challenge head-on with the level of service and quality for which the company has been known for the past twenty years. By offering a value-added product at very competitive prices, Multi Creation shares their success with their customers as well. “If the customers are successful, we are successful

Multi Creation has created a culture of loyalty by developing and maintaining strong bonds with employees, suppliers and customers. We go out of our way to make sure deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded.

Our loyalty to customers extends beyond regular business hours. Whenever a need arises, there is always someone on our team available to address it. Regardless of the problem, we dedicate time and resources to resolve it as quickly as possible

The company believes very strongly in remaining loyal to both its vendors and its customers and goes above and beyond their expectations on a daily basis. Additionally, the level of quality offered is second to none, with a state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing facility that is always seeking improved quality for lower prices. 

A marriage is a beautiful bond between two souls; a promise of a lifelong commitment.

This journey embarks on a full swing celebratory note, called the Wedding.

An invitation to let others know of the life that you have chosen and the partner you have chosen to live it with. It should reflect your emotions and joyous feelings. It should mirror an aspect of your personality and family's values. It should exude the feel of the wedding, indicating what is in store at the grand celebration. The invite should be able to transform an invitee inti a guest, beamingly looking forward for the special occasion.

Today, wedding cards have evolved into something very artistic, incredibly thoughful and absolutely customised creations. The phrase " to each his own" stands downright true for these new-age besopke invitation cards. Far away from mere ink and paper, the super-luxe invites are being fashioned from interesting and innonative materials in the luxurious layouts.

Fine fabrics, metal, wood, crystal and imported papers are being used for the making of these masterpieces.Connoissrurs are suggesting, and enthusiasts are opting for precious stones (even diamonds !) and real gold or silver for embellishments. So, designer or luxury invitation cards are the most sought-after these days.

"The industry has changed drastically. And with every season the market is growing in leaps and bounds. There was a time when invitations were just about a basic cream, and cold printed card with two inserts, but not anymore. Today, it has to be larger than life, extremely grand and high decibel glamour.

Multi boasts of a clientle that includes the likes of Hema Malini, Rohit Shetty, Binani's, D Y Patil, Meena Jewellers, Notandas Jewellers, Popley & Sons, Raheja's, Lokhandwala Developers, Nahar's, Lulu Group ( UAE), Viva Group ( UAE), V B & Sons (London), Patel Brothers (USA), Khandwala Family (USA).

Our design sense is really dicated to what the client wants and needs.

Tak about the latest trends, each will come up with unique innovation which is hit among the client base. Howerver, the season's verdict is definately going to be, ' Luxury wooden boxes.' Boxed invitations have been doing the rounds for some time, complement by gourmet chocolates, sugar-free sweets and small accessories. And every year it is going to be bigger than ever.

In terms of design elements, antiquated finishe which makes the invites look royal and elegant. the colour palette will be a beautiful mix of ivory, camel, distressed golds, chocolate and natural wood with real gem colors.

Come and join and soak yourself in the bliss of sheer luxury. You are invited!